Have you ever had a question about God or the Bible that you couldn't answer? Have you ever had a struggle in life that you didn’t know how to overcome? We all have. Jesus’ plan to help us with these things is discipleship, where others come alongside us and help us learn to follow Jesus and His ways and help us overcome struggles that we have.

This ministry was created because we desire to help you come to know Jesus, learn to live out His ways in your life and to empower you to help reach and disciple others. We do this through:

Studies Through the Bible

Helpful studies through the Bible that teach you how to study the Bible for yourself and empower you to know God and His will.

Individual Discipleship

Individual discipleship where a trained discipler meets with you and teaches you discipleship lessons that will help you know, love and follow Jesus. They will also come alongside you and help you overcome struggles.

Discipleship Training

Discipleship training where we equip those who have been discipled to then disciple others.